Automate your

Wernicke's Aria patented AI technology lets you automate
your software saving you time and money.

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Just some of the popular programs you can use

Create workflows easily

Our easy to use instruction sets allow you to setup multiple workflows quickly and effortlessly.

Simple easy to use interface
Instructions are written in plain english
New workflows can be created quickly and efficiently
Interface changes will not break your worflows

Workflow Examples

navigate to ""
enter "wernicke" for company name
enter "bob" for first name
enter "smith" for last name
enter "555-555-5555" for mobile phone
enter "" for email
enter "123!666LP" for password
enter "123!666LP" for re-enter password
click "key features" label
click "start trial" button
Navigate to ""
Enter "17300001" as Supplier:
Press Enter
Click HighTec
Enter "not yet sent"as Status:
Press Enter
Click "4500018913" label
Get value $supplierfrom "Supplier" label
Get value $totalAmount from "Net Order Value" label
Get value $purchaseorg from "Purchasing Organization" label
open "C:\test.pdf"
Get Value $po from "PO Doc Number" label
Get Value $po from "Order No." label
Get Value $date from "Document Date" label
Get Value $email from "E-Mail" label
Get Value $totalcost from "Total USD" label
Get Value $description from "Description" label
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Aria AI views and automates software just like a human

Aria's artificial intelligence based patented technology using image recognition and text extraction that can view and interact with software interfaces just as a human would. No expensive deployment or redeployments required.

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Introducing Aria Assistant

Aria Assistant will guide you in executing and monitoring all your automated tasks. All tasks are done in the background via Remote Desktop so your most important work will not be interupted.

Image Description Image Description
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Not all RPA's are created equal

Why our Robotic Process Automation is better

Why Aria

Why should you implement Robotic Process Automation into your strategy

Operationalize AI
Employ bots that can act on AI insights to complete tasks quickly
Achieve faster ROI
Get proven ROI within the first day of production
Focus on business and IT
Automate tasks to free time for your employees
Reduce cost of ownership
Run multiple bots on the same virtual machines
Unattended bots
Automate repetitive tasks without human intervention
Attended bots
Enable human workers to use bots on demand
Low-code authoring tools
Create workflows quickly with hundreds of prebuilt instruction sets
Shared bot
One bot can run commands from multiple agents

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